Cliques Phonies & Other Baloney-Coping with Bullying

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If you're on the outside, you're treated like dirt. And if you're on the inside, you have to follow the rules. Who needs more rules? Trevor Romain knows all about cliques and why they exist: Beause everyone wants to have friends. As you laugh along with his jokes and cartoons, you'll learn important facts about friendship and popularity, like

  • Real friends like the real you.
  • If you stay inside by yourself all day watching TV and picking your nose, you won't meet any new people.
  • Popular people aren't better than everyone else.

You'll also discover :

  • four dorky things cliques do
  • how to spot a phony
  • the Top 10 ways to keep your friends, and tricks for dealing with cliques.

So instead of catching Cliques Vomitius, read this book. Because there's no need to let a bad clique spoil a perfectly good day.