How To Be A Friend-Friendship

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How To Be A Friend-Friendship

The How to be a Friend GLU Kit offers activities and ideas to help kids better understand the complex components of friendship. The kit is founded upon the idea that in order to be a good friend, children must first have a strong and secure sense of self. How to be a Friend contains activities that explicitly teach basic social skills and provide the tools kids need to begin and build healthy relationships. It also deals with helping kids identify and avoid negative relationships. As with all Growing, Learning, Understanding (GLU) kits, activities are meant to be adaptable for a variety of ages and levels. Please utilize proven research and information regarding the development of young children, along with careful observation and understanding of your own children, to choose and adapt activities appropriately. Kit Contents: • How to Be a Friend • Travels with Toot and Puddle • Leonardo the Terrible Monster • MC and Me • Overview • Theme/Activity Outline • Activity Ideas • Variety of Information Sheets relating to GLU kit activities, fostering a strong sense of self, manners and friendship skills.