Miss you to Pieces - Deployment

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Miss you to Pieces - Deployment

  MISS YOU TO PIECES is the story of a young boy, Riley, whose dad is in the Navy and deploys for six months.  While his dad is away, Riley experiences a range of emotions that many children have during a parent's absence.  To help Riley count the days of the deployment, his mom introduces a special puzzle project.  While working on the project, Riley finds comfort, strength, and encouragement.

  Riley's story will teach children that while there are challenges in life, and deployments are often difficult and long, it is normal to feel worried, scared, sad, lonely, angry, frustrated and confused.  And, in hard times, we also grow, learn and become stronger.  We build ourselves just as Riley builds his puzzle.  And, we stay connected to our loved ones just as Riley's family, and his puzzle pieces, stay connected.