My Many Colored Days GLU Kit-Emotions Educational Tool

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The My Many Colored Days GLU Kit was created to help young children understand their emotions and develop the vocabulary to discuss their emotions with others. Activities help children better understand and manage their emotions, expose children to the language of feelings, begin discussions around social skills and help children learn colors. Activities range from finger-painting and coloring to taking on characters and presenting a play. As with all Growing, Learning, Understanding (GLU) kits, activities are meant to be adaptable for a variety of ages and levels. Please utilize proven research and information regarding the development of young children, along with careful observation and understanding of your own children, to choose and adapt activities appropriately. Kit Contents: • My Many Colored Days • When Sophia Gets Angry • Overview • Theme/Activity Outline • Activity Ideas • Activity and Information Sheets relating to GLU kit activities with emphasis on understanding and controlling emotions as a foundation of good social skills.

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