Odd Velvet-Diversity

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Velvet is odd; instead of dolls that talk and cry, Velvet brings a milkweed pod for Show and Tell. She wins the class art contest using only an eight-pack of crayons. She likes to collect rocks. Even her name is strange - Velvet! And so, no one chooses Velvet for partner play. No one walks home with her after school. No one wants to be different the way Velvet is different. But, as the school year unfolds, the things that Velvet does and the things that she says slowly begin to make sense. And, in the end Velvet's classmates discover that maybe Velvet isn't really so different after all. Perfect for group story time or one-on-one sharing, this heartwarming story about a special little girl reminds readers that friendship can sometimes be found in the oddest places.

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