Teeth, Tails & Tentacles GLU Kit-Math & Art Educational Tool

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Teeth, Tails & Tentacles GLU Kit-Math & Art Educational Tool

The Teeth, Tails, and Tentacles GLU Kit builds math and art literacy skills simultaneously by asserting that math is everywhere and fine art is accessible and appropriate for all ages. Toddlers will keep busy with activities for painting and developing counting skills. Preschoolers will enjoy creating their own works of art using early math skills. Early school-aged children will further develop their understanding of math concepts and nurture an appreciation for art. As with all Growing, Learning, Understanding (GLU) kits, activities are meant to be adaptable for a variety of ages and levels. Please utilize proven research and information regarding the development of young children, along with careful observation and understanding of your own children, to choose and adapt activities appropriately. Kit Contents: • Teeth, Tails, and Tentacles • A Child’s Book of Art • Overview • Theme/Activity Outline • Activity Ideas • Activity and Information Sheets relating to GLU kit activities with emphasis on counting and combining math and art with the use of numbers, shapes, patterns, and problem-solving to foster art appreciation.