While You Are Away GLU Kit-Separation Educational Tool

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The While You Are Away GLU Kit was developed to support children during deployment and honor their service when a family member is deployed. This kit contains activities that help toddlers, preschoolers, and early school-aged children better understand and manage the deployment of a loved one. Toddlers will enjoy activities that foster creativity, develop counting skills, and connect with the deployed individual. Preschoolers and early school-aged children can utilize the activities in the kit to be more informed and involved during the deployment of a parent. Activities help them understand the passage of time, what the future may hold, what daily life is like for a parent who is far away, and how parents and children are emotionally connected no matter how great the physical distance is between them. As with all Growing, Learning, Understanding (GLU) kits, activities are meant to be adaptable for a variety of ages and levels. Please utilize proven research and information regarding the development of young children, along with careful observation and understanding of your own children, to choose and adapt activities appropriately. Kit Contents: • While You Are Away • In My Heart • How Many Stars in the Sky • Overview • Theme/Activity Outline • Activity Ideas • Includes a memory book and a variety of information sheets covering the deployment cycle and resources that support the families during that cycle. Activity ideas will help children feel closer to their loved ones, even if physically separate, help ease the adjustment to different schedules and responsibilities that deployment may bring; helping children adapt to daily changes and nurture resilient family bonds.

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